“Is it true that what men can do, women can do it better?

Through the streets of my community, among friends and family I conducted this question to discover the public opinion.

Throughout time, it has been debated whether women are capable of doing the same job as a man. However, with an increase of inclusion of women in numerous fields the question has shifted to whether women are more competent than men?

Interview 1

Fatma - Retired Teacher , 80

Growing up, women did not have much of a voice. We weren't raised to want to work nor was their opportunities to do so. Some girls were not even encouraged to be educated. We were taught that a women's role was to stay home while the man was to learn and work. My sisters and I would stay home with my mom and learn how to cook,sew and clean. While my brothers would go to school and help out with my father's work. Women were only seen as housewives and her only ambition should be to get married and have her own family. Seeing my older sister getting married at a young age made me realize that I didn't want that for myself. I wanted to get an education and work but even more I wanted that for others as well. So I started working as a teacher. My parents did not approve at first but it was my passion and drive. During my time a teacher was considered a woman's job. It was not popular among men to become a teacher. As I got older I saw women becoming included in other professions are were even more successful than men in it. Of course I think women can do what men can do and better. They just need to have the motivation and opportunity to do so. Gender does not affect how bad or good you do something. It is your work ethic and character that determines it.

Interview 2

Ali - Student, 17

I think now with our modern time and digital age women have become more accepted in countless professions. They proved that they can do whatever men can do and better. I do believe in gender roles and think there is jobs that are meant more for men. Women aren't capable of labor intensive jobs and shouldn't be encouraged to engage in them. I also think men are better athletes. Women can be in political positions but I don't think can qualify as a president. However, growing up with sisters it made me think what if when they grow older they want to work and are not accepted. So I think as a society we shouldn't discriminate women and allow them to be included in more jobs.

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